The Gravitational Field – use of multimedia in teaching physics

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We hope you enjoy a small trip into the world of physics.
Our presentation is about the gravitational field of the Earth and Sun.
You get to know which laws affect the movements of bodies on the Earth's surface and on its orbits.
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You can download also both Czech and English texts of The Gravitational Field in Adobe PDF.
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The last thing you can download here is the user's guide to the multimedia presentation in Adobe PDF.
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Students of the F. X. Šalda Grammar School, Partyzánská 530/3, 460 11 Liberec 11, Czech Republic
Jan Hrnčíř
main programmer and animator, graphic designer, sound editor
Martin Klejch
translator, text editor
František Doseděl
text editor, team psychologist, mascot
Samples from the multimedia presentation
Short description of the project
The multimedia presentation The Gravitational Field describes the behaviour of bodies in the gravitational field of Earth and Sun. The texts are supplemented with images and physical formulas. The users can test their new knowledge on physical problems with solution. The presentation also contains the simulations of the bodies' movements. The users can affect the simulations by substituting their own input parameters.
The multimedia presentation is designed for teaching physics at secondary schools. It can be used in physics lessons with the data projector or with the touch board. The students can also use the presentation at home.
We used it for teaching physics at our school. The students appreciated objective simulations which helped them to understand the relations and the movements in the gravitational field. The research showed that the students enjoy learning with multimedia presentations and that teaching with multimedia presentations is very objective and effective.
Brief presentation's content
1. Gravitational field
1. Newton's law of gravitation (U)
2. Intensity of the gravitational field (U)
3. Central gravitational field (U)
4. Homogenous gravitational field
2. Gravitational and gravity acceleration
1. Gravitational and gravity force (S) (U)
2. Gravity force and body's weight
3. Body's movements in homogenous gravitational field
1. Free fall (S) (U)
2. Vertical throw upwards (S) (U)
3. Horizontal throw (S) (U)
4. Oblique throw upwards (S) (U)
5. Security parabola (S)
6. Oblique throw upwards with indispensable air resistance (S)
4. Body's movements in central Earth's gravitational field
1. Circular rate (S) (U)
2. Escape velocity
5. Body's movements in central Sun's gravitational field
1. First Kepler's law
2. Second Kepler's law (S)
3. Third Kepler's law (U)
4. Solar system
6. Summary
Chapters labelled with (S) have enclosed simulation of the involved physical effect.
Chapters labelled with (U) have enclosed physical problem, where users can test their new knowledge.

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